Control of Organs and Emotions

Researchers have documented that in traumatic shock, adrenalin releases in higher amounts. Research of Dr. Jim McGaugh at UCI shows that rats after adrenaline injection recall more. Therefore if via hypnosis we recall the traumatic memory and shot off the adrenaline associated with it,  the trauma becomes less significant. By talking to amygdula in trance stage of hypnosis we can reduce anxiety.

In Russia hypnotherapy is being used to control pain during birth. Various dental offices are using it to reduce pain without drugs. I have used hypnosis to control phobias, smoking,  gambling, and to stop taking drugs.

Herinaited disc example:

In addition to being a hypnotherapist I am a doctor of Chiropractic. I program my patients to recuperate faster. In 2005 I treated an 85 year old ex-fireman who had disc herniations in 8 levels in addition to shrinking of the holes where the nerves pass through the vertebra(ivf encroachment). He basically crawled to my office holding his hand against the wall. He told me how many sessions it would take to recuperate. I told him we try our best in 12 sessions and we re-access the situation. To my surprise and his he was pain free after 12 sessions. I called him after a year and he still felt good. In most such cases patients have to get continuous treatments and surgical consult.